I am Anybody the Augur, here, we look at astrology, mysticism and other divine arts through a modern philosophical lens. Extra. LINKS. Faq Learn Natal chart readings Love me (Fri)Aug08, 2018 with 505 notes, astrology zodiac western astrology. Nymphs 875. Nymphe 875: In the Houses and Signs.

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Libra: apricity- (n.) the warmth of the sun in wintertime. Scorpio: quidnunc- (n.) someone who always wants to know what's going on. Saggitarius: balter- (v.) to dance artlessly but with enjoyment. Capricorn: psithurism- (n.) the sound of wind rustling leaves. Aquarius: astral- (adj.) of or relating to the stars. Apr 23, 2021 · ASTROLOGY OBSERVATIONS #1. these observations are based on my own experience with these placements. this is my first astrology post ahh please support me hehe I hope you like this! also please do not reword or copy my observations. you can post it but give me credits <3 english isn’t my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors! let me know if you.

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astrology nerd, ravenclaw, & coffeemug enthusiast . 8 years later im still on this hellsite apparently! Happy scrolling. ... 6 @youwerefromohioandimissyou // 7 Sweet Mother by Sappho // 8 Meg Allen // 10 Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg // 11 Alison Bechdel // 12 Why I Love Butch Women by Carol A. Queen // 13 Kael T Block // 14 The Girl. Astronomical Eris. Eris is one of the largest known dwarf planets and is about the same size as Pluto but about three times further from the Sun. It takes about 557 years for Eris to orbit the Sun. Unlike the eight planets, whose orbits around the Sun are almost circular and lie roughly in the same plane as the Earth's, Eris orbits above and. Sappho in Aspect to the Sun or Ascendant increases attraction and sensuality in expression. (Sexy, Sexy!) These people may be bold in their sexual expression. Sappho in Aspect to the Moon goes to emotional sensitivity and feminine creation. Sensitivity and beauty to females. Sappho in Aspect to Venus is a heady placement.

Oct 16, 2020 · # stray kids astrology # astrology # astrology chart # kpop astrology # bang chan # lee know # changbin # hyunjin # han # felix # seungmin # i.n # natal chart # stay # kpopnatalchart # starsoha; daisy-waves liked this. "/> 2 bed bungalow wales; cannaaid calm; cuda toolkit 9; strengths.

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December 2020. Originally posted on our Instagram! special collections Cairns Collection of American Women Writers sagittarius manuscripts diaries astrology edwardian tumblarians uw-madison. πŸ‚πŸ Flora Lee Leonard started this diary in October 1887, writing letters to her infant daughter Mary (or "Madge").

Saturn - Pluto cycle in astrology. The chart for the current cycle Saturn - Pluto: the conjunction was at grade 23 Capricorn, on 12 January 2020. Saturn - Pluto is a cycle of 33 years characterized by: - Saturn brings the transformation through contraction, conservative reaction, crisis and termination;gravity and tension;.

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